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Tuesday, Jun. 28, 2005 | 2:56 a.m.

I'm just looking for Ghostlight and SickNick...

Wednesday, Feb. 09, 2005 | 2:05 a.m.
Yep. That is it.

If you haven't figureed it out yet... my diaryland account expired and I really don't feel like paying.

I moved to:

Why? Because I like it better. My template sucks at the time being until I get a picture server.

Monday, Dec. 20, 2004 | 9:47 p.m.
I am a pirate

I suck. I know.

I haven't had access to the internet at home for a few weeks. I had to get rid of my dial up. It was driving me insane.

I still don't have access at home that I can rely on. Tonight, the guy that I've been dating hooked me up with a wireless card. My neighbor and I are going to start sharing her cable modem stuff with a wireless router (I know I don't know the proper terminology but I think you get my point). He couldn't get the router to work because Comcast configured her modem strangely so he has to do some research to get it to work. Until then I am officially pirating wireless from my neighbors. I have three near me with weak signals that I can switch between until it's fixed. Hopefully he can get it fixed when he comes over for dinner on Wednesday night.

I really don't have much to write about tonight. A ton of stuff has happened lately but it's too much to put here. Plus, I think it's a little dull too.

I do need to mention a sign at the Grease Monkey on Colorado Blvd and Louisiana (I'm pretty sure it's Louisiana). This is what the sign says:

Can food drive
Up to $5 off!

Every time I drive by that sign, it drives me crazy. All I do is wonder if food can drive or not. Then I think about Aqua Teen Hunger Force and wonder if Frylock drives or if Meatwad still drags them in a cart. Finally, I get pissed and want to call them and talk to them about their grammar issues. Alas, in the end I do nothing because I think they may have written it that way on purpose to get the attention of people like me. Pfft. I think my issues just might outweigh any grammar issues they have.

I am obsessed with those announcement boards on the side of the road. I especially like the ones churches post. My favorite is the Lovingway church just north of that Grease Monkey. A few years ago, I was doing the good old "drive of shame" home after a fun night of debauchery. The sign was perfect for that morning:

The sign of the beast
Sex, Sex, Sex

I should start taking pictures of the good signs with my camera phone. It has to be good for something.

Saturday, Dec. 04, 2004 | 11:33 a.m.
Blow the Stars from the Sky

At work, the person that shows up first gets to choose her patients for the day. I showed up at 6:35 for my 7 am shift. Jennifer showed up at 7:05 for her 7 am shift. Then she asked me if she could have my patients because those were the ones that she had yesterday and she "promised" them that she would be back to work with them the next day. I looked at her and said I got here at 6:35 so I could pick the patients that I wanted. So no, if she really wanted those patients then she should have been here on time. She didn't talk to me our ENTIRE 12 hour shift. I'm not kidding or exaggerating the ENTIRE 12 hours. It was great.

Some day she will wake up and realize how stupid she was when she was young. The pouting of a 21 year old doesn't go too far for a 34 year old.

Not to mention she is annoying as fuck. She brings the DRAMA of her life to work with her. I just walk away when she starts raving. She is engaged and has ended the engagement and gotten back together with this guy twice since July. I don't know, was I that stupid when I was 21? I'd like to think I wasn't.

Did I mention she is lazy too? Yep. LAZY. If she wasn't so lazy then I probably would have given her the patients that she wanted but I won�t do anyone favors that I don't respect. Simple.

Dumb bitch. She will learn... eventually.

On to less trivial things in life...

I just can't put it into words; words wouldn't do it justice. I have something that I like and I actually might love. I don't know yet. It all scares me and excites me just the same.

I don't want to smother and neither does he. He calls just to say hi and it's all dorky and cute.

I'm alone today and it feels great. I need the space and time to think. I need the time to miss him.

The other night he said something that put me into his future. I made him stop and think about what he just said. Then it scared him too.

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